The firm specializes in criminal law cases and provides legal support for all stages of criminal procedure.


We prepare the lawsuits and memos and we proceed with the representation during preliminary investigation and investigation procedures.

Furthermore, it is specialized in handling cases related to taxation and customs offences, currency crimes, labour accidents, crimes against property, against life, market offences, cases for debts towards the State, Social Security Fund and cases of bounced cheques and it also undertakes cases related to electronic crime as well as cases based on the infringement of personal data.

The dedicated and experienced lawyers and legal consultants of our firm consult and represent our clients in cases of economic crimes, offering them specialized advice both at the level of preliminary investigation and hearing procedures. It is extremely important for our law firm to give the best advice at an early stage to secur the best possibility for a desirable result.

Given that the preliminary investigation procedures, the preliminary examination and, in general, criminal prosecution, are related to sensitive personal data, our law firm secures that they are absolutely confidentially treated.

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The Law office of Liana Vasileias Papadopoulou – Anastasia Kalantzis and Associates Law Firm, is a modern company with offices in Athens and Thessaloniki.

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