Our law firm deals with civil law cases, both in court as well as on a consultancy level.


We are specialized in dealing with family law cases, especially in matters of divorce, alimony, participation in the increase of assets during marriage (acquisitions), adoptions, recognition of children born out of wedlock, curatorship of minors.

We systematically deal with cases of contract law and property law (buying/sales of movable property and real estate, cadastre cases, purchase contracts, sale contracts, project contracts, demesne cases, leases, civil-wrongs, fees), inheritance law and car cases.

We assume and settle in court, always after trying to find a nonjudicial solution, all types of civil cases between natural persons or natural persons and the state, related to:

  • Inheritance rights, specialization and experience in very special succession maters
  • Cases of family law, settlement of spouse relations, alimony actions, adoptions
  • Lease differences, rented property delivery orders, rent decrease actions, provision of legal advice related to the law on professional leases
  • Compensation for car accidents, actions against insurance companies and the Auxiliary Fund
  • Compensation actions for tort and contractual liability
  • Preparation of contracts regulating private law relations
  • Settlement of matters in blocks of flats and disputes between co-owners – Neighbourhood Law
  • Enforcement for collection of debts, seizures, underwriting and mortgages, auctions
  • Establishment of societies, civil non profit company, complete legal support regarding the amendment of articles of association
  • Property law, actions for recovery of property, allocation actions, specialized matters of acquisitive prescription, applications and actions of Cadastre, transfers, conclusion of any type of notarial deeds related to rights in rem.

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The Law office of Liana Vasileias Papadopoulou – Anastasia Kalantzis and Associates Law Firm, is a modern company with offices in Athens and Thessaloniki.

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