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Liana Papadopoulou is the founder of «Vasileia Liana Papadopoulou and Associates» Law Firm. She is graduate of the Department of Public Administration – Department of Public Law, Panteion University of Athens, of the Thrace Law School and she is holding an LLM from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the area of International Law. She has participated in a number of different seminars and conferences in Greece and abroad, such as: her subsidized participation at the University of Ghent in 1994, her frequent visits to the Commission of the European Community and her participation as a lecturer since 1990in Community Law matters, and she had the opportunity to teach (within various European programs) in the Department of Education.

Our especially experienced and responsible scientific group comprises the biggest investment of our law firm. Our professional group effectively manages a wide range of legal issues.

The lawyers and other employees have graduated from top universities in Greece and abroad and most of them are holders of postgraduate degrees and are characterized by different background and experience.

We are a modern law firm consisting of young scientists with a feeling of responsibility, consistency and appetite to solve even the most complicated legal cases. We make innovations with an open mind in our dealing with issues of general social interest, always having justice and the proper application of the Constitution, European legislation and the laws harmonized with them as a criterion.

We bring results for simple daily problems in need of direct and flexible handling, with speed, reliability and efficiency. The trust existing between us and our principals is the main characteristic that has significantly contributed since the starting date of our operations of our firm to the increase in the number of our associated members. We are always available and willing to deal with issues of sensitive legal approach methodically, rationally and with understanding for the adverse economic status the country faces.

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The Law office of Liana Vasileias Papadopoulou – Anastasia Kalantzis and Associates Law Firm, is a modern company with offices in Athens and Thessaloniki.

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