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The Law Firm of Vassileia – Liana S. Papadopoulou is a modern law firm based in Thessaloniki, 24, 26th Oktovriou Street, characterized by the high scientific training of its creative team and a guarantee for the quality of the legal and consultancy services it provides for its clients.

Vassileia – Liana Papadopoulou is a Supreme Court Lawyer.
We will be able to directly, quickly and simply communicate via this website for all legal issues of your concern.

A modern lawyer, in our opinion, should preserve the vocational character of the legal profession, follow the legal/social developments improving their scientific status with lifelong training and operating as a guardian of the citizens’ freedoms and as co-officials of Justice. Above all, though, their duty is to serve the man and human values.

The rule for the practice of the Legal Calling should be the detailed preparation of each case, the extensive research of the case-law, the top presence before the court and the absolute and strict trust and confidentially.

It would be our pleasure to communicate in this meeting of electronic democracy and dialogue, in our electronic appointment that reminds us that our electronic era does not only hide threats but also pleasant surprises: it joins the people and brings us closer!

Let’s exploit, therefore, its positive side by exchanging opinions, thoughts, ideas, concerns, questions. Let’s communicate…

24, 26th Oktovriou, 54627, Thessaloniki
+30 2310 535093
+30 2310 536 616
MON-FRI: 9am – 9pm

OUR TEAM Lawyers

Our especially experienced and responsible scientific group comprises the biggest investment of our law firm. Our professional group effectively manages a wide range of legal issues.

The lawyers and other employees have graduated from top universities in Greece and abroad and most of them are holders of postgraduate degrees and are characterized by different background and experience.

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24, 26th Oktovriou, 54627, Thessaloniki
Athens Οffice : Navarinou 12, Kolonaki, Athens, 10680 (3rd Floor)

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The Law office of Liana Vasileias Papadopoulou – Anastasia Kalantzis and Associates Law Firm, is a modern company with offices in Athens and Thessaloniki.

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