Mediation is a means of alternative dispute resolution (regarding civil law and commercial law cases) operating as such for decades in several countries and legal systemsnabroad.


Mediation is a completely reliable process, not because we say so, but because as it is mutually accepted and agreed among all involved parties, no information shall be used in the future in any other judicial or non-judicial procedure.

All details concerning the process are to be conveyed from one party to the other through the Mediator who is there to hold separate meetings with the parties, in order to establish consensus and confidentiality. Thus we make sure as your representing Lawyers acting on your behalf that all the aforementioned shall be respected by all involved parties.

The Mediation process could assist the parties avoid time-restricted and money-costly judicial procedures, while it can also help you claim and safeguard your interests given even though there is no judge to impose a decision, just the parties themselves who are there to reach a compromise of their liking.

In Greece Mediation is applicable according to law 3898/ 2010 (Mediation Regarding Civil and Commercial Disputes), that has integrated in our national legal system EU Directive 2008/ 52/ EU), and this is where we come in as guarantors of the legal framework, by providing solid and trustworthy advice.

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